Monday, March 14, 2011

JAPAN MARCH 11, 2011

sadly, I had some catastrophe theory clues that can lead to a prediction of Japan's Troubles.
On March 7th, Monday, I brought a painting by a japanese girl, very cheaply, along with some of her paints and canvases from an auction, for my art supplies. I was gonna paint over the painting to use as a canvas.
But this painting serves as a "Catastrophe Theory" Clue.
As You see in this japanese girl's painting, it looks as if the two ovals represet Japan, an island of land surrounded by water. Curiously, both ovals have a lot of water in them- lakes, a waterfall, easily being symbolic, being a signifyer of floods, Tsunamis. Even more Curious, is the signature of the girls, name, "M.Yagi".

I have one cursive example of her full name written on a paint tube, it is hard to make out- perhaps it is "Mackoyru Yogi, or "Macboyru Yogi" or "Marboyru Yogi". Whatever her first name may be, the point is that the signature on the painting shown, says M.Yogi". This easily can correlate to the Miyagi Prefecture, where the Tsunami struck it's hardest on Japan.
Having only 4 days to figure out this clue, I was stuck on America. I thought something bad might happen to America, since there is a Terrorist threat of sending a nuke bomb by ship (disgused as trade goods) to Long Beach, California. This is the threat I was tryign to acertain. But this painting I got on March 7, 2011, along with tubes signed by a Japanese girl, and the painting's elements all speak of Japan.
Other clues were immenent. As Yahoo is my mail, when I go to Yahoo their home page has news on it and here's a clue:

As you can see, days before March 11, 2011 incident, new footage of 911 is shown from a helicopter point of view, NOT Once, but Twice. Why? A new footage of an old incident. From a Helicopter, which is a bird's eye. This is a strong clue, because the japanese incident would be seen from none other from a Bird's eye point of view, a helicopter.
Then one more clue, again a news from yahoo:
A Supermoon news report on Yahoo. "Will March 19 'Supermoon' Trigger Disasters? It speaks of earthquakes, tsunamis, teutonic plates shifting, etc. Apparently this speaks of actuall disasters that happned in Japan, but not of Japan.. but it takes attention away from terrorist threats to natural disasters in Catastrophe Theory.

Unlike 911, I have never been to Japan but to NYC. I did freak out going to NYC to try to "prevent a death" in 1998. I did see visions of 911 but I didn't see visions of japan. I did have a dream of having waves of water splash on me while I was looking at the ground

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