Monday, May 30, 2011

anime: Eden of the East

This amazing anime, "Eden of the East" has a lot of references to post-catastrophe theory, in which monetary sums are used by those in a game of which the players are given large sums of money to save Japan. What links this to catastrophe theory is the notion of "Game" with reality and spending/allowance in terms of expendicture allocated to the excess conflicts that arises from human detiturus.

It seems that a link in game theory can lead to a Catastrophe Theory formulation; allowance and it's linkage to expenicture and excess is also a good theorem for Catastrophe Theory.
in the first episode, Saki visits Washington DC, site of America's Genitals, the Phallus (In the background). The Phallus as tourist site where she meets a man framed to be a terrorist after his own memories were erased he got out of that situtatoin to re-discover the game of which he is in- to reset oneself in the game, resetting one's reality and re-discovering oneself in the midst of such a game, is a strategy, perhaps to cleanse oneself and start oneself anew, to win the game and save Japan, to be a Messiah. The Phallus signifies the procreation center of the world, where things fuck in order to stay in production and become reality.

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