Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bill and Ted's Excellent Catastrophe Theory

 When they return to the mall, they find the other Historical Figures have been arrested by Ted's father due the chaos they caused while unsupervised at the mall. The two try to figure out how to rescue them when they realize they can use the time machine to go back in time and plant elements, such as the keys to the cell in which the Historical Figures are being held, at the police station for their escape plan. They successfully free the Historical Figures and make it to the school on time for their report
in other words, Bill and Ted travel in time to do a history report, and what they do to solve problems, they are already solved because they traveled in time to fix it as they go along.
it means that our media, art, has it's time travel clue that is "planted" to reveal to us our future- we already know, in other words, to Bill and Ted. You don't have to go "All the way to the Max, when the Max is with us"

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