Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hole Theory: Devil Summoner 2, Hole in Painting, and CIA predictions of terrorist nuke attack on Long Beach California-Catstrophe Theorize Sept 11, 2011

I brought this painting, very cheaply, in the hopes of repairing the tear in the canvas and painting over it, thus saving me the cost of the expense of a new canvas for such a large size.
The hole in the canvas, reminded me of the "Hole In The Sky" of the PS2 videogame Shin Megami Tensei Devil Summoner 2. This hole in the sky, is blood red and out comes huge demonic Apollyon insects, giant and terrorizing. This painting of a simple dock by the sea and a seaside city, reminds me of Long Beach, California- for I earlier skimmed a Anti-Terrorist magazine, and have yet to locate it for further study, it did say on the cover- that many spy experts, CIA, believe that terrorists are sending an Atom Bomb by ship to Long Beach, California. I thought by the Catstrophe Theory connection of this painting, the CIA's tip, and the scenes in Devil Summoner 2 to be a list of clues of Catstrophe Theory in which one can derise a terrorist attack on America. Thus, September 11, 2011, The terrorists may or may not send an atom bomb to Long Beach, California.
in this video you will see the blood red "Hole In The Sky" from which the Apollyon Insect Demons attack earth, you will see many apocalyptic themes inspired by Revelations (what a freaking good game I have the cosplay of Raidou)

P.S. the signature on the holed painting (the signature seems signifcant because of the painting which predicted March 11, 2011 Tsunami, of which both paintings came from the same source). is Lee Reynolds, which could be similar to the name of the ship from which the atom bomb has, or the docking site, or a street, person, for example a dojo nearby is Bruce Lee's friend Uyehara in Marina Del Rey..
A case of Mistaken Identity where the Beast, aptly named for a serial killer who is corrupted with the taint of Chaos and mutates into a beast that slays prostitutes along the streets of Adorf, the Street of a Thousand Inns in the ever-present fog, teeming with drunken university students, the dock gangs Fish and Hooks that fight over the trade territory, the agitators that try to rouse a crowd against the Empire and start a revolution, the cultists of Tzeenech Daemons.. A scryer is used by the watchmen to search for the Beast, she touches the clue of green velvet and 'sees' visions of terror in which are the clues leading to the Beast, of which could be one of the watchmen's brother who used to have the taint of Chaos, but is and also is one of the Nobelese of the Empire, a great duelist and swordsman who is actually a girl pretending to be her duelist brother in drag, also dresses up as her pompous self.
What clues, are then, are the terrorists at Long Beach who expect a package aboard a boat, an atom bomb? In some American Anti-Terrorist magazine does the CIA think and suspect an terrorist attack on Long Beach (watchmen), the Agitators that try to rouse up an Revolution (terrorists), the Tzeenech Daemon Cultits that kill one of the female agitators to stir up anger in the revolutionists blaming it on the Beast that they say is one of the Empire noblese, thus starting up a riot to fight the Empre soldiers, (terrorists betraying/lying to other terrorists and sacrificing them in order to get at America), the Fish and HOok (criminal/drug smugglers), the Beast (atom bomb), etc. What clues can we scry then? The Date, 9/11, is a date to watch out for, nontheless.
Estimating the Likelihood of Terrorist Attacks
on the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach
Heather Rosoff and Detlof von Winterfeldt
Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorist Events (CREATE)
University of Southern California
Since September 11, border security measures have proliferated. In particular, the
Department of Homeland Security publicly has recognized the vulnerability of ports
nationwide to terrorist attacks. Researchers from the Center for Risk and Economic Analysis
of Terrorist Events (CREATE) conducted an analysis that focuses on the susceptibility of the
Los Angeles and Long Beach ports. Together these ports are the third busiest in the world.
Thirty-six percent of all United States imports travel through their entranceways and have a
value of about $212 billion per year. An attack upon the ports has the potential for serious
economic and health - both physical and psychological - damages. This project provides an
example of how risk analysis can be used to assess the susceptibility of these ports to a dirty
bomb attack. Our analysis examines thirty-six scenarios of possible dirty bomb attacks in the
Los Angeles and Long Beach harbors. Using project risk analysis tools, we estimate the
success probability of such an attack. Plume models are used to estimate both short term
health effects and long term cancer deaths. An input-output model provides estimates of the
economic consequences of a short term and prolonged port shutdown. We suggest using
this methodology to assist in setting counter terrorism policy measures against a dirty bomb
attack, including the protection of the radiological sources and intercepting an ongoing dirty
bomb attack. A paper entitled “A Risk and Economic Analysis of Dirty Bomb Attacks on
the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach” has been accepted by
Risk Analysis. A second,
more technical paper is currently under development. Future plans involve expanding upon
the model so that our analyses can extend to other areas of terrorist threat, such as biological
attacks and bombings.


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