Friday, September 9, 2011

Mokkori Theory- Using Mokkori as a Compass in Catastrophe Theory

Japanese term for the sound made by the wang undergoing an erection, while rubbing against clothes.
Uh-oh, sounds like mokkori! -_-'
A popular term with fans of 1980s Japanese animation, it was popularized in the manga and anime City Hunter by Tsukasa Hojo. Ryo Saeba, the main character of City Hunter, took jobs to help people in need, always on the lookout for a "mokkori chance" (in the context of the series, a chance to do something perverted with an attractive woman, such as groping her buttocks). The term basically represents the sound or concept of a penile erection rising.
In this clip from City Hunter "Motion Picture" (anime) near the ending, (approximate 4:00m) Ryo finds the time bomb in the runaway subway, and in order to pick which colored wire to cut, he lifts a girl's skirt to see what color her panties are, and then uses that as the choice to what color wire to cut, in order to defuse the bomb. The pantie, causes the "Mokkori" in which Ryo seeks in life. Mokkori Panties. Thus, what causes "Mokkori" is life-affirming, because to live is perceptual Mokkori and always the Mokkori chance and Mokkori Living. Should a selection of choice not have a Mokkori chance, then it would be the wrong selection, i.e, the wrong wire cut resulting in death, therefore is not a Mokkori causing action. This is what describes Mokkori Theory, in which what causes Mokkori is a life-affirming action and can be used as a "compass" in Catastrophe Theory.

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