Monday, September 19, 2011

Space Balls is the Real Star Wars: The Sexual Force causes Catastrophe

In Spaceballs, the penises are light sabers. This is the true Light Saber in which knights in outer space fight with. The Force is Sexual. The whole universe is teeming with atoms that fuck and stars that fuck to give birth to new universes. The whole world is fucking, down from the teeny tiny atom to the humans that shag and fuck and the big ass black hole aliens that fuck up a storm.
Well, what this means, that Masterbating can cause problems. See, a Jedi Knight that masterbates could be causing problems in the Universe, such as Catastrophe. It could be the end of the world as we know it, as the nerdy Jedi Knight, who doesn't get laid and masterbates instead, could be causing Catastrophe without knowing it unwillingly. Those nerds out there who don't know they are Jedi Kngiths could be masterbating and therefore cause Catastrophe. See, this is why Masterbating the Light Saber, is very bad idea. The Crusade against Masterbating should start. and All Nerds should get laid with hot sexy Playboy Playmates and Anime Babes in order to restor order to the Universe and save lives.

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