Monday, October 31, 2011

Anime: Heaven's Memo Pad. A Neet Detective is a New Media Catastrophe Theorist

The anime, Heaven's Memo Pad, like Eden of the East, has the trendy NEETS in them,
NEET is a government acronym for people currently "not in education, employment, or training". In Heaven's Memo Pad,
Alice (アリス?) / Yūko Shionji (紫苑寺 有子 Shionji Yūko?)
Voiced by: Minako Kotobuki (drama CD), Yui Ogura (anime)
Mysterious girl who lives on the third floor over Hanamaru ramen shop. Her age is unknown, but looks like a 12 or 13 years-old girl. She is short, pale white and has long black hair.[1] She calls herself Alice (a mixed reading of the kanji for Yūko) and a "NEET Detective". She is a hikikomori and a cracking genius. Her diet is based practically only on Dr Pepper and she suffers a severe insomnia.[2] She always wears bear patterned pajamas and she is always surrounded by a pile of teddy bears. She is the brain of the NEET Detective Team and gathers information to solve the cases with her laptop without stepping out of her bedroom.[3]say
Alice says that the difference between a detective and a NEET detective is like the difference between Little China and China. A detective works and reveres the dead, for the detective serves the dead, while the NEET detective tries to save the living. In Alice's shut-in liar, filled with stuffed teddy bears, the walls are filled with monitors connected to many internet services, and she sees and watches the whole world through many eyes of the interwebs. She wants to find, hack, to save those before they perish, for example, every six seconds a child dies from poverty. She wants to be able to find them through the interwebs and save them before it's too late.
This is the goal of Catastrophe Theory- to predict catastrophe, this is the NEET detective, to find clues to save people, not clues to find out why people are already dead, like a detective.

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