Monday, October 3, 2011

Catastrophe Theory in Lupin III: Farewell to Nostradamus



After a diamond heist in Brazil, Lupin hides the gem in a doll and boards a plane headed out of the country. While on board, the doll is stolen by a little girl named Julia, who's nanny is none other than Fujiko Mine. Before Lupin can get the doll back, the plane is hijacked and the girl is kidnapped. The kidnappers are after the same thing that Fujiko is after - a book of Nostradamus prophecies hidden in Juilia's father's tower. Lupin and the gang join forces to save the girl, get the diamond back, and discover the secrets surrounding this strange book.

Interesting, how a huge, giant tower that serves as a multi-facility complex for a futuristic metropolitian city, with it's sports arenas, shopping malls, entertainment, offices, that has a resemblence to the Tower of Babel, which was mentioned in the anime, is destroyed by soccer players that are hyptonized, by kicking bomb-equipped soccer balls in the recesses of Julia's father's tower, a great monolithic Babel, in which the vault at top has the lost pages of Nostradamus Prophecies, a Catastrophe Theorist by occultism, this tower is destroyed in the sdarch for Catastrophe Theory- that the search and fight for Catastrophe Theory resulted in a Catastrophe.

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