Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Funny Money Game: Playboy Published book predicts 911 Catastrophe

In the year 2000 or 2001 before 911 I was on CherryStreet in Tulsa and went to the used bookstore, and the Playboy Bunny Icon on this book caught my eye- the lure of the Playboy Bunny Icon held promises of beautiful images of alluring buxom babes, titillating pictures, and steamy reading. So I brought this book. Unfortunately, there were no Pin-Up or Cover spread pages, or any pictures at all, or any inspirational reading for Gentlemen. However, on page 17, one reads a television newsagent's narration of a live recording of a lear jet striking the bubble that encloses the Worlds Fair in Sidney, Ohio which the National Student Marketing Corporation Pavillion, which is the hit of the World's Fair in 1980. The fact this book is about a rich multi-millionare whose trade is like the World's Trade Center- for the plane crash revealed in this book, a plane striking the pavillion of the National Student Marketing Corporation Pavillion, is resembelance and can predict the 911 Catastrophe- the crashing of planes in the World Trade Center Towers.
Read on. In the last paragraph you will see the television announcer's narration of a live feed of the plane crashing into the Pavillion Dome.

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