Thursday, March 15, 2012

911 incident caused by too much masturbating?

OK, so there's a correlation between masturbating too much and the 911 incident. We can see that the two common methods of mastubating, the underhand grip and the joystick grip. From the illustration, we can see that the underhand grip with the right hand, pulls the penis into the 9 hour position on the clock, while the joystick grip with the left hand pulls the penis into the 11th minute position on the clock, thus making 9:11. It appears that in the wonderful land of Freedom, America, the American Dream is beautiful blonde American girls. Freedom is bountiful and plentiful in America. So, if someone is masturbating instead of having the freedom of libertine lifestyle, could it produce catastrophic results? How? And why would someone in America have to masturbate instead of pursue libertine pleasures? It could be that the Illuminati-KKK has used Project MKCockblock or Project MK Masturbate on an unsuspecting minority to cockblock them, prevent them from getting laid, and make them masturbate instead of having sex. So, the question is: How does masturbating, with or without the Project MK factor, produces a chain of causation in which it triggers a catastrophe as big as the 911 incident, the planes crashing into the Twin Towers? The Underhand Grip, attacks the penis, as if it were a plane crashing into the tower, as it ruptures, scrapes, sandpapers the penis, while the Joystick grip, attacks the penis, as if it were a plane crashing into the tower, as it splinters, mangles, manhandles the penis. Such is an attack on America! Justice for ALL! If one single American cannot have justice with libertine freedom, we all shall FALL! This is why America should be acting as one single family, taking care of each others needs and not attack/cockblock each other. The terrorists, are not humans, but are demons, attacking and hating America, God's country.
the Catastrophe are the Masturbating which equals diminished libertine pleasure and penis strength due to abrasions caused by excessive manhandling and the lack of presence of a woman.

Due to their restricted nature, catastrophes can be classified based on how many control parameters are being simulataneously varied. For example, if there are two controls, then one finds the most common type, called a "cusp" catastrophe. If, however, there are move than five controls, there is no classification.

Catastrophe theory has been applied to a number of different phenomena, such as the stability of ships at sea and their capsizing, bridge collapse, and, with some less convincing success, the fight-or-flight behavior of animals and prison riots.

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