Friday, May 11, 2012

Twix Candy bars, and the fall of the Twin Towers

Twix- seeing these two candy bars reminds you of the two Twin Towers of World Trade Center in NY, before they were destroyed by planes manned by terrorists in 911, right? The symbolism is uncanny. Well, once upon a time, our little Catastrophe Theorist, David Cardamone, was a little tyke attending middle school at Victory Christian School, where he was sent to the principal's office every time he went to class every single day and was expelled for pretending to pee on himself. Well, let's get to the point- well there was a spelling class, and his teacher Miss Tate, who according to David's father, this woman was a "Miss" and was a "Sexually Frustrated Cranky Teacher". Miss Tate did not trust David to take the spelling test, thinking he would cheat, so she had David take his desk out to the hallway, and had a girl student stand next to David, and watch David take the spelling test and said, "David, I'll give you a Twix" candy bar if you pass the test with 100%. David said, but what if I miss a few points and still get an A? And the sexually frustrated, cranky Miss Tate said, "No, you have to get a Complete Full Score on the spelling test". Well, David did his best, with the distraction of a girl looking right at him standing right in front of his desk, and he got a 99%. So, David, even though he got a 99% on the spelling test, and it was a good grade, and it was an A, he did not get the candy bar reward. What a bad impression this would make on a little boy for doing so well in a spelling test- an A!!!!
Well, as a Catastrophe Theorist, David blames the meanness of Miss Tate on not giving him a Twix Candy bar, and blames that meanness to cause 911. To not give him a reward for doing so well with 99%. Thus we can see that the sexually frustrated psyche-soma of Miss Tate to punish such a little kid, but also to trigger a chain-reaction that leads to 911. Surely, this incident and this candy bar provides a Catastrophe Theory clue. There is a strong sembelance in the damaged psyche-some of America and it's downfall with 911. Thus America's sexual problems, in mastrubating and not having sex, has a lot to do with it's weak links in it's defenses.

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