Monday, September 24, 2012

Burn Up Scramble ep.3: Predicts 911 with Catastrophe Theory clues

Burn Up Scramble episode 3
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indeed, the two buildings are tall, and taller than the ones next to their surroundings, twins they be not, but they do resemble the Twin Towers due to massive tall size, as well as being next to each other.
Burn Up Scramble. Episode 3: "Warriors: Five Seconds Until Detonation".
The lovely police ladies have such massive boobs, don't they? How beautiful. LOL.
In summary of episode three, Rio and her partner meet a new member of their special police-lady party, Lilica Evett, a psychic. She is told to shake Rio's hand (the hot blonde chick), and while holding hands she can read the person's mind, guess their age, biography, career, family background, relationships, first kiss, date of's what Rio's boss calls "Psycho-Meter ability", which in the anime describes what we would call ESP.
Well, as you can see in the first picture, the first building, the one on the left, is the T-XO theme/amusement park/shopping center, which is the bomb threat target of the terrorist group, the "Green Knights" who have demolished buildings with bombs, to punish them for "ecological pollution".
So the girls have like, less than an hour to find the bomb, and in order to find it, they use the psychic powers of Lilica Evett, who starts out by dousing, using a special pendant, hovering it over a map of the T-XO theme park. A failure due to stampede from a large mob of middle-aged women, she tries again, using telepathy, by thinking of key words such as "Green Knights" or "Bomb" to pick out the terrorist in the crowd, and again, Lilica's efforts were thwarted by another stampede caused by a shopping mob of middle-aged women. So, Lilica tries again, using a different method, using "Spiritual Visualization" drawing until hiding place as it comes into the head (mind). She draws out a incoherent scribble, and again they were stampeded by a big shopping mob of middle-aged women. Time is running out, and frustrated, Rio looks at the drawing again, holds it upside-down and it resembles the "ugly art piece" on top of the adjacent 'twin' building.
The T-XO theme park building is on the left. On the right is the building with the "Ugly Art Piece". Notice again, that these two buildings, are very tall and resembles the Twin Towers in the 911 incident. See how the rest of the city is dwarfed by these two tall monumental structures.
The terrorist's plan, was to blow up the support that holds the "Ugly Art Piece" on top of the next building- thus their bomb threat, was to throw the police's trail off- that no bomb was to be in the T-XO building, but for the bomb to blow up the support that sends the "Ugly Art Piece" from the next adjacent building, to strike their target, the T-XO bulding.
As you can see, the adjacent building's sloped architecture enabled the "Ugly Art Piece" to slide down the building and fly into the air to strike the target building, the T-XO theme park.
and heres another good Catastrophe Theory Clue!! HOT!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Trail of Tears: Predicting Catastrophe like a Weather Forecast

The Trail of Tears is a name given to the forced relocation and movement of Native American nations from southeastern parts of the United States following the Indian Removal Act of 1830.

Aside from the historical event, here in Catastrophe Theory we use "Trail of Tears" in post-modern terminology. The fact that any catastrophic event, can leave a trail. In this case, it leaves a trail of tears, of which the tears, evaporate into the atmosphere, and rains down tears again, causing another Catastrophe.
Thus, Catastrophe repeats itself, and moves in a cycle, in varying degrees, from a light drizzle to a heavy, dark, thunderous storm of massive, emergency proprtions.
So, if  since there was an terrorist attack on 911, thus the trail of tears, will someday, evaporate, make a cloud, and rain or storm. It could be as small as a terrorist trying to walkby with a dynamite stick up his ass or something drastic as plane crashes. Trail of Tears in 911 could be causing light rain drizzles of threats for a while until something real comes up. To use "Trail of Tears" to predict a Catastrophe like a weather forecast is one way of predicting catastrophe, however, the Catastrophe Theorist must know that predicting Catstrophe is like predicing the future- it's a strange puzzle in which one has to find the clues and peice them together to find the accurate prediction.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

10 movies that make us miss the Twin Towers

10 movies that make us miss the Twin Towers

Perhaps one of these 10 movies or other movies mentioned in this article, has Catastrophe Theory clues that could have told us of the future of the Twin Towers way before it's demise.