Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Rory's Story Cubes can train Catastrophe Theory to find clues that predict Catastrophe

These dice, Rory's Story Cubes, outside of games and creative uses by writers and artists, they are also used in therapy sessions and  useful for skill support in problem solving, listening skills, item identification and expressive language development.
Since the Catastrophe Art Manifesto is to use art instead of Math for predicting Catastrophe, this dice game is very useful in training the Catastrophe Theorist. One must interpret images, art, ideations, perceptions, mind-benders, puzzle-solving, logic twisting, to find Catstrophe Theory clues.
Here is an example, based on the 911 incident, is a Catastrophe Theory deduced from this particular arrangement of Rory's Story Cubes.
Dice 1: Terrorist (monster from child's shadow= monster, one's dark side, demons, etc)
Dice 2: Flies (bee can be seen as flight, flies, something flying, etc)
Dice 3: ? (could mean something in question or anything, like a joker= in this case, a Plane)
Dice 4: What time? When? (Clock means time)
Dice 5: 911 (phone means call, call who?
Dice 6: Twin Tower (it is a medieval tower)
Dice 7: Building (with dice 6 it completes the Twin Tower couple)
Dice 8: Explosion, Collision, Fire (Flame means fire, explosion, thus plane strikes Twin Towers)
Dice 9: Aftermath (Drama cube= intense drama after Catastrophe= a World Shaking Event)
  Put together, it forms the sentence/story:
Terrorist flies plane on September 11 and crashes into Twin Towers, the World is shaken.

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