Saturday, February 25, 2012

Catastrophe Theory- Will anything happen to Los Angeles?

About a year ago I glanced at one of those spy magazines, and on the cover it said that the CIA or FBI or whatever thinks that the terrorists may place a nuke on a boat that is shipped to Long Beach to destroy Los Angeles. I hate the mere thought of it is hard for me to take in such information. However, as a Catastrophe Theorist, I must keep my eyes open for "Catastrophe Theory" Clues to this. I wish I could find the spy magainze and find the online article.. many times did I try to find online material regarding this subject matter. However, I did find this book cover.
It is a "Upwind Clue". This means as a clue it could predict catastrophe or not. Hopefully not. Why a book or art of an idea should be taken seriously, but this is the nature of Catastrophe Theory and art- art, such as made by artists or media, appropriated, images, etc, and instead of using math, the Catastrophe Theory artist uses art and this is such a case. Here is the book cover.
well, it says it is by "Robert Moore Williams" an ACE Book publications, with the serial number of some letter or numeral  dash 530. A Science Fiction Shocker, First Book Publication. That is all the clues for now, but I can contact the person who posted this cover to perhaps tell me more or I can locate this book and buy it to read it for further clues.
To view an article on a Catastrophe Theory proven by a book that did predict the sinking of the Titanic ahead of it's time, see this link, this article is further down this blog.
Futility, or the Wreck of the Titan