Friday, June 1, 2012

Catastrophe Theory: Dali's use of Critical-Paranoiac Method and Gala's Predictions

In such a brief excerpt from Dali's autobiography, "The Secret Life of Dali", one finds the use of the surrealist "Paranoiac-Critical" method to predict the future, and Dali's wife, Gala, uses Tarot reading to predict the future. Such is the team of the artist couple to make art, for Dali needed Gala and wouldn't be Dali without her. We can see the male/female differences and roles, the masculine/feminine aspects of artists as Catastrophe Theorists.

Catastrophe Theory: Dali predicts Spainish Civil War with painting

The most important thing to a Catastrophe Theorist as artist- is not just to find clues, but to make them through art. Salvador Dali, in his painting, "Premonition of Civil War" says this prophesied the Spainish Civil War. In the following are scans of his recounts of the tale.