Sunday, November 24, 2013

could a pizza, overcooked, provide a clue for Catastrophe Theory?

Here, a pizza is left in the oven too long and it looks like a mushroom cloud from an atomic bomb blast. So, we could infer that something is 'left' too long, in which results in a catastrophe- something left too long, cooking too long. What clues could it provide us? A pizza- a dish which has customized ingredients to anyones liking, can be symbolic of what it is- the pizza is round, it resembles the world as it is represented, like a 2d representation of a globe, its ingredients are the images which makes up earth. Visual information and multiple interpretation provides clues.
When one thinks of pizza, one thinks of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, they love Pizza.
No to drugs, and yes to pizza. Interesting that drugs were delivered in pizza boxes and thru pizza parlors posing as pizza and used as drug smuggling/selling.
perhaps a clue to the Catastrophe is in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie or cartoons.
Very interesting, a Catapult game where catapults throw pizza. Perhaps its a "Catastrophe Game"?

looks like I need to watch the cartoon/movie. So, pizza was used as weapons in Mutant Ninja Turtles? Its been a while since Ive seen it as a kid.
there you go- now you know that you've met a person, David Cardamone, an artist, who believes Catastrophe Theory can be conjectured from Pizza and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, thus by such conjecture to find Catastrophe Theory, one can predict Catastrophe and save the world from destruction.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Zabrinski Point by Michelangelo Antonioni, suggests strong catastrophe theory clues about 911

after a student demonstration in a police riot, a hippie who lies about his identity to a cop, calling himself Karl Mark steals a plane and flies overhead in Phoenix, 15 feet above Daria whom is driving a car. He lands and she gives him a ride for gasoline. They make love in Zabrinski Point, and Mark flies to the Los Angeles airport to bring back the plane, but he is shot dead by a policeman. Daria hears about Mark's death on the radio, mourning his death, she drives to her boss's place, and hangs out there, and upon leaving, the house goes up in a big explosion, in a slow-filmed sequence showing consumer goods fly into the air.
One can make a great connection between the stolen plane, as the planes in 911 were stolen. Even though there wasn't a plane crash, the explosion of the boss of Daria shows a great ending impact reminscent of 911.
the artist, David Cardamone, Catastrophe Theorist, showed this movie at art school, on his "High Brow-Low Brow Films" Sunday nite. Interesting, David has seen hallucinations and visions of 911 before it happened.
This landmark film is a strong suggestion of Catastrophe Theory that suggests and predicts the Catastrophe of 911.
It has been a while since David has seen the movie and will re-watch it to find more signs of Catastrophe as he is currently busy with an art project on a deadline.
The promptness of this Catastrophe Theory clue, upon memory of this movie, and upon receiving news of a terrorist named "Anonymous" making 911-style threats on Los Angeles, David wants to see a connection between seeing the Catastrophe Theory clues in "Zabrinski Point" and the EuroSpy film, "Dimension 5".

The terrorist threat by Anonymous on Los Angeles was known to David on 11-14-2013. The threat is expected to happen on 11-15-2014, the next day. This is theoretically insufficient time to stop a threat even if a Clue has been found to formulate a distinctive threat and notify the proper authorities. But The Catastrophe Theorist, David Cardamone, will watch Dimension 5 despite his art project deadline, and attempt to stop any terrorist attack if any. David has his fingers crossed and hopefully believes it's all a hoax.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Dollar Bills folded show images that predict 911

Many say images on bills are Illuminati symbols/references. Interestingly, this diorama of USD bills, folded similarily to a shape of a paper plane or the pentagon, shows, predictions of 911, the fall of the Twin Towers. How fascinating. This should provide curious rhetoric for the Catastrophe Theorist to conjecture and entertain.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Artist as Catastrophe Theorist stays in room 911

Artist as Catastrophe Theorist stays in room 911 at Travelodge Windsor

How fascinating, such a strange coincidence, that the artist as Catastrophe Theorist, whose theories start with the terrorist incident of 911, stays in room 911 at the Travelodge Windsor in Canada. Due to lack of hotel vacancies in downtown Detroit, David opted to stay in Windsor. He had to go through customs everytime he had to exit and enter the Tunnel. Due to exorbitant prices of Taxi thru the tunnel (40-80 usd), David had to take the Tunnel Bus (4usd) and the last one was at 12-1am, so his afterparty plans to rave after DEMF were opted out unless he stayed up all nite for the early morning bus  (6-7am). So, David was a little sick from cold weather, so he went back to Windsor for the after-party, and he went to Cheetas Sizzling Adult Entertainment. It was great and David had a good time at Cheetas and liked the girls.
So, what Catastrophe theories can David exude as clues from staying in Windsor? Poutine? Is there a Catastrophe Clue somewhere? a Visual? A metaphor? Is Cheetas a poetic stanza?
 David took this picture of Cheetas at his happy chance meeting of seeing it by accident.
 pic of Cheetas from the internet for more detail.
 a Map of Cheetas from the net. Notice how close it is to David's Travelodge room 911.
 I believe I got a lapdance from this Dancer pictured above.
I have yet to find a Catastrophe clue somewhere- but the fact that my room number was 911 means something- thats the clue. Its a big ass responsibility to be a Catastrophe Theorist- it means something big must be happening- I must be open to clues, do an accurate prediction, and then stop Catastrophe!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sculpture from Russia for 911 shows Catastrophe Theory Art

Unfortunately, the incredible monument created by Zurab Tsereteli has barely been noted across the American media with few Americans being aware of it at all. What news I could find on this remarkable work of art, a generous gift from a man who gave it in the name of his nation, Russia with the full consent of President Putin, is marked by biting remarks and slurs.

Why is it that so many people must attack the gift giver as an individual with subversive motives.
Yes the cost is estimated at twelve million dollars, and that is quite a lot of money. But an artist who has such capital to gift remarkable works of art, should not be rebuffed for doing so.

It is unfortunate that human-kind are fraught with suspicion of generous acts.

To understand an artist, is to understand one's own spiritual essence. Soul is a passionate being.

Great works of art are the result of passion.

EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY is it's significance in being an Art piece that eschews strong Catastrophe Theory. The Two Twin Towers stand proudly like Phalluses, erect and tall above all of New York, as strong Boners reaching for the sky. Babel-Boners. And these American Babel-Boners were made flaccid with a terrorist attack of two plane crashes. Here, we see a similar structure to a skyscraper, it's shape, a tall monument, with a crack in the center, looks like a Pussy, with a silver tear in the center, a Creamed Pussy. Cum in the Pussy. See, according to the Orgone Research Labatory, Catastrophe and Human Movements, Conflict are dependent/reflective/respond to the Psyche-Soma of America. The film W.R.: Mysteries of the Organism by Makarajev was filmed to show a theory on how Russia's Psyche-Soma sparked the Revolution. Sex, has it's effect on human conflicts. The negative psyche-soma from too much masturbating, can result in the Terrorist attack to make the American Boner-Babel flaccid. Here we see a monument, a tear is shed, because a tear shows sympathy. Thus, a tear of cum in pussy, is a show of sympathy for the saddened loss of the too much masturbating that results in a flaccid conflict of Catastrophe.