Sunday, June 2, 2013

Artist as Catastrophe Theorist stays in room 911

Artist as Catastrophe Theorist stays in room 911 at Travelodge Windsor

How fascinating, such a strange coincidence, that the artist as Catastrophe Theorist, whose theories start with the terrorist incident of 911, stays in room 911 at the Travelodge Windsor in Canada. Due to lack of hotel vacancies in downtown Detroit, David opted to stay in Windsor. He had to go through customs everytime he had to exit and enter the Tunnel. Due to exorbitant prices of Taxi thru the tunnel (40-80 usd), David had to take the Tunnel Bus (4usd) and the last one was at 12-1am, so his afterparty plans to rave after DEMF were opted out unless he stayed up all nite for the early morning bus  (6-7am). So, David was a little sick from cold weather, so he went back to Windsor for the after-party, and he went to Cheetas Sizzling Adult Entertainment. It was great and David had a good time at Cheetas and liked the girls.
So, what Catastrophe theories can David exude as clues from staying in Windsor? Poutine? Is there a Catastrophe Clue somewhere? a Visual? A metaphor? Is Cheetas a poetic stanza?
 David took this picture of Cheetas at his happy chance meeting of seeing it by accident.
 pic of Cheetas from the internet for more detail.
 a Map of Cheetas from the net. Notice how close it is to David's Travelodge room 911.
 I believe I got a lapdance from this Dancer pictured above.
I have yet to find a Catastrophe clue somewhere- but the fact that my room number was 911 means something- thats the clue. Its a big ass responsibility to be a Catastrophe Theorist- it means something big must be happening- I must be open to clues, do an accurate prediction, and then stop Catastrophe!

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