Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sculpture from Russia for 911 shows Catastrophe Theory Art

Unfortunately, the incredible monument created by Zurab Tsereteli has barely been noted across the American media with few Americans being aware of it at all. What news I could find on this remarkable work of art, a generous gift from a man who gave it in the name of his nation, Russia with the full consent of President Putin, is marked by biting remarks and slurs.

Why is it that so many people must attack the gift giver as an individual with subversive motives.
Yes the cost is estimated at twelve million dollars, and that is quite a lot of money. But an artist who has such capital to gift remarkable works of art, should not be rebuffed for doing so.

It is unfortunate that human-kind are fraught with suspicion of generous acts.

To understand an artist, is to understand one's own spiritual essence. Soul is a passionate being.

Great works of art are the result of passion.

EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY is it's significance in being an Art piece that eschews strong Catastrophe Theory. The Two Twin Towers stand proudly like Phalluses, erect and tall above all of New York, as strong Boners reaching for the sky. Babel-Boners. And these American Babel-Boners were made flaccid with a terrorist attack of two plane crashes. Here, we see a similar structure to a skyscraper, it's shape, a tall monument, with a crack in the center, looks like a Pussy, with a silver tear in the center, a Creamed Pussy. Cum in the Pussy. See, according to the Orgone Research Labatory, Catastrophe and Human Movements, Conflict are dependent/reflective/respond to the Psyche-Soma of America. The film W.R.: Mysteries of the Organism by Makarajev was filmed to show a theory on how Russia's Psyche-Soma sparked the Revolution. Sex, has it's effect on human conflicts. The negative psyche-soma from too much masturbating, can result in the Terrorist attack to make the American Boner-Babel flaccid. Here we see a monument, a tear is shed, because a tear shows sympathy. Thus, a tear of cum in pussy, is a show of sympathy for the saddened loss of the too much masturbating that results in a flaccid conflict of Catastrophe. 

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