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Artist Eugenia Loli's work is reminscent of art and Catastrophe Theory applied.

This is important and vital to understanding of the use of art theory to predict catastrophe, the art theory as catastrophe theory. As many previous rough-draft articles of this blogs has discussed, the intrinsic link between real life sexual catastrophe and actual physical, destructive catastrophe is apparent.
It has been recently researched and therefore concluded, that anti-depressants cause it's patients to have lack of feelings of love for their romantic partners, thus resulting in relationship break-ups. The loss of love. The loss of romance. The anti-poet. The demonic lie. The deception of alchemical and hermetical charlattanry that does more than to serve mankind by supplying a product of happiness, which is a mere red herring in what the psychiatric prescriptions are meant to do: To Deceive.
Deception has always been the work of demons, for Satan is called The Great Deceiver.
For what purpose is love deferred? Proverbs 13:12 Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life. The deception of love is important in misleading humans and their lives and spiritual lives.
Love deferred is the same as hope deferred. It makes the heart sick. 
Countless patients commit suicide on anti-depressants. It is no surprise that when Revelations 18:23 says "By Babylons Sorceries, the Nations are Deceived". 
What does this have to do with the Catastrophe Theory of 911?
Anti-Depressants actually caused 911. 

Eugenia Loli's collage, pictured above, 'Twin Towers' depict the towers as lovers in an embrace. When we think of 911, we can imagine the lovers torn apart by the terrorists' plane crashes. 
How can Anti-Depressants cause such an incident, even if the terrorists were not under the influence of the pill?
Lets think of a bad acid trip. In a bad acid trip, one sees disturbing images or have disturbing emotions or disturbing thoughts, where one loses comfort, and becomes uncomfortable, and gets a bad escape from reality, a bad trip. However, such trips, good or bad, are usually subjective. They are within the mind, the mental world and the hallucination world, others would claim the spiritual world as well, but do trips really involve the physical world in a way that one trips something is happening? Is it really physical, that if one trips a chair to turn into a wooden golem, is it real, physically? No, of course not. 

But lets look at anti-depressants. They don't seem to just involve the realm of the 'mind'. It involves physical reality too, its not just subjective, but objective in some ways. 
If someone's hope is deferred because the anti-depressants cause lack of love feelings, they get so heart-sick, that they commit suicide. Just as the anti-depressants cause such feelings in one who is taking it, but its not just in the realm of the patients mind, but the world around them. Their partners feelings also change. People around them react to them differently and think things about them differently, as if the anti-depressant is programming reality around them. The patient cannot find love or to find feelings of love for others. The patient loses hope and becomes heartsick. Other people do not normally respond to the patients presence as they normally would before the patient took anti-depressants. It is as if the anti-depressant is the bad acid trip, without the disturbing visuals, but causes a disturbing reality. The anti-depressants actually become objective in reality, the side-effects effect reality. Thus, the anti-depressant, is the demonic terrorist, causing a domino chain that links and links and links and links, each domino chip falling and falling around the world, causing the planes to crash into 911. 

Yes, the lack of love, caused by anti-depressants, caused 911, it is the act of terrorism. 

Daimino throughout entire house, up stairs, parchutes, paper plane, etc.  

In this video link above we can see Dominoes fly everywhere, made of anything, including string, ice cream sticks, toy parachutes, paper planes, etc. LIfe is connected by all kinds of intricate machinery, and for an Anti-Depressant, a Babylon Alchemical Sorcery, would be to make objective the mental effects in which life is controlled by mental anquish and side-effects of the medication. Like the perverted scientists of MK Ultra, they have created a MK that causes girls to be sex slaves for their rape. That's sorcery, but anti-depressants go beyond the mental to the physical world, the side-effects triggering event-scenes in the world, as if life becomes a bad acid trip of unfortunate events. 

My former counselor, a psychiatrist, has recommended to me the movie, "Paprika", an anime. She has asked me, "What would happen if dreams and reality" emerge? Paprika is about this concept, of dreams and reality emerging. 
Lets look at the wiki description of the anime:

"Dreams and reality have now merged. The dream parade is running amok in the city, and reality itself is starting to unravel. Shima is nearly killed by a giant Japanese doll, but is saved by Paprika, who has become an entity separate from Chiba thanks to dreams and reality merging. Amidst the chaos, Tokita, in the form of a giant robot, eats Chiba and prepares to do the same for Paprika. The chairman returns in the form of a living nightmare, reveals his twisted dreams of omnipotence, and threatens to darken the world with his delusions. A ghostly apparition of Chiba appears and reveals that she has been in love with Tokita this whole time and has simply been repressing these emotions. She comes to terms with her own repressed desires, reconciling herself with the part of her that is Paprika. Paprika returns to Tokita, throwing herself into his body. A baby emerges from the robotic shell and sucks in the wind, aging as she sucks up the chairman himself, becoming a fully-grown combination of Chiba and Paprika. In this new form, she is able to consume the chairman's dream form and end the nightmare he created before fading away."

Think of psychiatric pills of bringing about side-effects of the patient's mind/body and reality together. Its really like Paprika. When a patient takes an anti-depressant they not only don't feel feelings of love for their romantic interests, the other parties dont feel romantic love for the patient as well, even if they are not on the anti-depressant. Its as if the anti-depressant creates a 'side-effect cloud' over the patient, effecting not just the patient but those around them. In fact, this is a true example, the patient went incognito as a 3D person in a 3D sex-simulation game, and couldn't find a love partner, in a 3D world, and it shows that the anti-depressant was preventing the patient from finding a 3D love partner.
Its not just about the lack of love side-effects. Anti-depressants is the anti-artist, the anti-poet, it will make you homeless and make others not want to give you a job, it will make others want to take away your object of desire, your happiness. It is sorcery, it is a demonologist's laboratory apparatus, it is arcane, deceitful charlattanry, it actually makes you think you are not having side-effects or problems with it until you get off it. It tricks you and others. It makes your parents want you to take the pill and believe it is good. It makes you become gay. It makes you masterbate instead of receive hot blowjobs. Anti-depressants are utter shit and diarreah. Anti-Depressants is the anti-martial artist. Anti-depressants are the anti-philosopher.

Anti-Depressants caused 911 by the domino effect of the clash between side-effects and reality becoming objective.


 Psychiatric Pill side-effects? Are they in the realm of the mind and body, subjective and personal to the patient, or does it affect reality outside of the patient, being objective? This photo shows that the clash of side-effects and reality becomes a domino effect, coming from the patients mind.

The Side-Effects act like Dominos, affecting everyone on earth, no matter where you are. Even dominos doesn't necessarily act as a good example to what the universal, omnipresent side-effects are. When one take a psychiatric pill, one has side-effects that seem to affect onself around the whole world and affected all of reality.

 Everyone is affected by the patient taking the psychiatric pill. Now everyone will not have "feelings of love for the patient". The patient is cockblocked almost everywhere, at least by the majority that is affected by the domino side-effect. It hasn't been determined that it affects the whole world. Surely there are freaks out there that are not affected by the domino side-effect.
 To experiment with the psychiatric pill's sexual side-effects, the patient went anonymous on a 3D adult gaming site where people meet up to have virtual sex. He used an avatar of a dark handsome tall man, but still couldn't get laid. He watched other men get laid, and couldn't understand why he didn't. Obviously, the sexual side-effects of psychiatric medications are so strong he couldn't even find virtual love.

Psychiatric pills side-effects are so strong, that you can't find virtual love, even if they dont know who you are. The side-effects cause feelings of no love in other people, anywhere on earth. This is proof that it is the mix of reality and side-effect like the Anime, Paprika.

The resulting domino side-effect causes 911. The wave of humanity has passed to this result. The constant barrage of sexual side-effects has caused terrorism. It is terrorism.

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