Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Catastrophe Theory: Police Brutatly headed by Terrorist Espionage Agency

America's Police Brutality headed by a Terrorist Espionage Agency

In these clips from Mission Impossible, Episode 10, "The Carriers", where the Mission Impossible team pretend to join a foreign, terrorist espionage group overseas, a town where they train recruits to become spies to invade America. In this training session, unknowingly to the trainees, they are raided by policemen and so the MI team think their cover is blown, but one of them saves the day by resisting arrest, claiming that their is no warrant and therefore there are no real charges against them. This is how he passed the 'test' for, the trainer comes in and applauds, saying "This is the American way. Americans are not Afraid of their police".
That was the 60's. A different world back then. The foreign terrorist espionage group is teaching the trainees that the 'American Way' is to not be afraid of the Police and stand up for ones rights.
Quite a different world now.
In the 2010's of Police Brutality, where the policemen shoot innocent, unarmed civilians at any whim and at poor excuses and get badges and awards for murder, America has changed into a state of fear, like a despotic technocracy unlike that of Nazi Germany. America's police's rash actions are no different than the murderous, butchering Gestapo of the S.S.
In this Mission Impossible Episode, The MI team infiltrates the terrorist espionage training camp to stop their Bacteria Cultures that could wipe out 5 million people or more.
Lets get to the gist of the Catastrophe Theory.
The Catastrophy Theory here, is that America's police is headed and led by a Terrorist Espionage Agency. Its quite possible that the American Government and Police Force has been taken over by Terrorists and they are slowly using the Police to kill innocent civilians, using all kinds of things to take power and control.
Perhaps they have already achieved many of their goals, of which we do not know, for we are led by loud newspaper titles, facebook memes, yahoo news, television, does the media really tell us what is really going on? Is America truly America?
Is it America if we are afraid of our Police? NO.
Is America intercepted by Terrorist spies? Of Course.
What Catastrophe Theories are predicted?
So far we have total certainty that our police force is taken over by Terrorists. What their future plans may be or not is up to theory. Perhaps many of their goals and objectives have been reached.
Due to the Catastrophe Theory formulated from this Mission Impossible: The Carriers (S1, E10), we can theorize and conjecture that there may be some bad evil plans concerning the Terrorist Agency and the Bad Brutality Police.